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“April Showers” sure has lead into May and June!

Here we are at the end of June 2017 and the rain, storms & hail that we have had in the last couple of months has been all over the place. Rain normally doesn’t harm too much here, makes the sedum mats growing outside very heavy and chance them pulling apart when being moved. There have been some instances where delays to some shipments happened due to all the rain and we required the sedum mats to be able to dry out in between rain showers. The Regular Sedum Mats –SMRM5 are normally quite heavy compared to our lightweight mats, but add some extra weight from the rain and your installation crew is not going to be too happy and enduring more back massages than regularly needed.

Aside from the rain, here at Sedum Master the last couple of months have been crazy busy for us. We have a full crew here and some more starting soon to keep up with the demand and keep our greenhouse working in prime condition. A majority of the orders for the retail side of things have been processed, once spring gets here customers are in demand of sedum products to get at their gardens, planters and fairy beds looking amazing for the spring and summer. I even added the start of my own fairy bed in my yard (see the picture below). With the help of a sedum minimat, it gave a great look to the tiny door that magically appeared at the base of my maple tree. Wonder what is on the other side of that door? Adding a little whimsy to your gardens adds fun and mystery. Enjoy your gardens; don’t make them into a chore!

Rob celebrated his 35th birthday in June. So what better way than to have his prized car decorated for the celebration by some mysterious decorator? Surprise! Than the surprise was on me, darn those security cameras! It was pulled off for the first 45 minutes of the morning! Happy birthday Rob!

Soon we will be having our annual work BBQ. I’m looking for a re-match to our soccer game from last year. Can’t always be all work and no play! Besides the guys “Jamaican Jerk Chicken” is mouth watering! I will update more on this in the next blog! Until then, back to work...



Make sure to come out and see Greg and Rob at,





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Lori Davey
August 25, 2017
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