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Top 20 Reasons to Choose Sedum Mats

for Your Next Green Roof Application


1. Sedum mats create an instant green roof with fast installation.

2. Using mats, it is easy to cut around vents, obstacles and roof equipment.

3. Mats can be ordered from our inventory or can be custom grown.

4. Sedum are pre-grown on a "Class A Fire Rated Root Stabilizing" carrier.

5. The standard mat, SMRM5 (7 lbs./sq.ft. saturated) is an excellent choice for roofs, yards, boulevards, over septic beds,

    and shaded areas where other plants won't grow.

6. Our lightweight SMUL6 FeatherMat (2 lbs./sq.ft. saturated) can be used where weight restrictions are a factor.

    A 2m2 mat can be handled by one person, facilitating a much faster installation.

7. Sedum mats are flexible to easily go over roof undulations and corners .

8. Sedum Master mats are planted with self-seeding varieties and can self-repair a spot if accidentally damaged.

9. Sedum Master mats can easily accommodate added plants such as grasses, trees, shrubs, natives and other

    perennials and herbs.

10. Easily replaceable if a mishap occurs. Roll up the damaged mat, and unroll a replacement mat.

11. Embedded in the mats is a non-biodegradable root stabilizing material which allows the mat to be removed for roof

      repairs or for adding other vents and roof equipment without plant damage.

12. Pre-vegetated mats resist wind, water erosion of growing medium, as well as reduce weed pressure in the area

      in which they are installed.

13. Sedum mats can be fastened to a roof, ground or wall.

14. Our Sedum Master team services both Canada and USA.

15. Sedum Master strives to use as much recycled products as possible in production.

16. Designed for fast root migration to growing medium below for a faster establishment.

17. Sedum mats are grown by our well-known company that specializes in sedums.

18. Low growing sedum mats will tolerate light foot traffic.

19. One-way shipping of sedum mats to job site with no return of special nursery racks allows for a reduction on

      shipping costs.

20. Sedum Master mats are universal to all system providers, including modules and trays.


Click here or a printable version of this list.