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Sedum Regular Blankets (SMRM5)


Our sedum blankets (sometimes referred to as “vegetative mats”) and are instantly green! They are easy to cut and install around vents and other rooftop equipment. Also, they are very versatile and designed to go on top of a prepared base or other modular systems.

These sedum blankets have not only been used on green roofs but as lawn replacements as well.





Pre-cultivated SMRM5 Sedum Blanket


Features & Benefits

Excellent for flexibility & compressibility.
Fire Resistant - Class A fire rated product for roofing.
Easy to handle.
Easy to cut for installation around roof vents and equipment.
Non-biodegradable fibers.
Non-woven root penetrating backing.
Fast installation reducing labour cost.



 1 m x 1 m x 5 cm (3.28' x 3.28') or 1 m x 2 m x 5 cm (3.28' x 6.56')

Material: Non-biodegradable fibres (1/2" thick), non woven filter fabric backing

Weight Vegetated:  Approx. 7 lbs./sq. ft. fully saturated

Plants: Plant species vary. Please contact us for a complete listing. 
Email or call 1-888-458-4061

Soil Media: Recommend pre-engineered growing medium provided by Sedum Master. It is a blend of inorganic and organic material for minimal decomposition.

Drainage: Combination of fibrous material and porous growing media provides drainage to avoid root rot.

Irrigation System: Not typically needed, however, we recommend that it be possible to water during an extended drought and immediately after installation.