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Sedum Minimats


10"x20" or 12"x24"


Our sedum minimats are sized for easy installation and offered in an array of different sedum mixes. Due to their size their are lightweight and easy to handle.

Sedum minimats have been used not only for green roofs but for planters, living walls, arts & crafts, wedding and tradeshow decor, lawn replacement

and many more ideas.


Your imaginiation is the only limitation!




Sedum Minimat Specifications


Size: 10" x 20" of 12" x 24" (1'x2')


Material: 1" thick matting with non-biodegradable fibers and a non woven root penetrating backing. these Minimats come in different sedum mixes. Please contact Sedum Master Inc. for current stock.


Weight Vegetated: Approximately 2 lbs/sq.ft. fully saturated


Soil Media:Organic and inorganic Sedum Master pre-engineered growing medium enables fast root penetration from
the blankets to the substrate below. Blanket substrate is for production only.


Drainage: Combination of fibrous material and porous growing media provides ample drainage.


Irrigation System: Not typically needed, however, we recommend that an irrigation system would be helpful to ensure watering during an extended drought and/or immediately after installation.